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Ben is a nationally-published author of research briefs and white papers on systemic education reform.

Ensuring All Students in Indiana Receive Their Fair Share of Funding

October, 2020

A comprehensive report with public policy recommendations for improving the school funding formula in Indiana. An examination of Indian's school funding system revealed gaps based on student income, race and school type. Some of the recommendations were incorporated in Indiana's approved state budget for FY 2021-22.


Education for All – An Audit of Racial Equity in Marion County

October, 2021

A research brief highlighting key policy recommendations to promote racial equity in educational opportunities and outcomes from early childhood through college in Marion County, Indiana.

Protecting School Choice: How Flexibility in Transportation Can Improve Access and Efficiency

October, 2021

A white paper highlighting national best practices with extensive policy and managerial recommendations for improving school transportation systems in Indiana.

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